A friendly reminder

A friendly reminder that everything written inside belongs to whoever wrote the post (right now, either Draconyan or Jaefine). If you plan to take an extract or quote anything here, be sure to put a link back to where you too it. Images/photos/screenshots, whenever possible, have a link back to their source or are credited after their source unless they belong to ourselves. Contact us if you’re the owner and want to see any picture removed from here.

Only what leaves something within yourself is truly a masterpiece, may be it a song, a book, a game, or anything else. If you love to no end a movie hated by the world, hold it dear and never let anyone step over your opinion. We are all different, so what’s bad to me may be good to you and vice versa. But, don’t be blinded by your own passions. Always be aware of the limits and flaws what you love have. Accept other people’s opinions even if they’re opposite to yours, as long as those opinions are solid, you’ll probably realize it’s not that bad talking to people who think in different way than yours and often exchanging ideas opens new possibilities. Don’t be just a fanboy hurt because they touched your favorite game, nor give too much weight to those who say something sucks or it’s beautiful because it belongs to a certain brand or has a certain name within its title. Think with your head and choose by yourself what you like and what you don’t, because that’s what is done here.


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