White Island – Endings Guide


 Endings Guide

Before reading this, be aware that there might be minor spoilers about the story. I’ve tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, and since most of endings’ requirements don’t really spoil anything about the story, you should be okay.


ALB-21 Injections’ Location
Endings List
White Island Walkthrough Notes
White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 2 Episode Index


Q: How many endings can I unlock in White Island Season 1?
A: As of Episode 08, I’ve counted 5 endings so far, plus Episode 13’s one –yeah, there’s just one season finale. In addition, the game is also full of “Game Over Endings”, these kind of endings where, due to bad choices, timing, or wrong item usage, your character dies or is unable to continue the adventure. Due to the fact these endings don’t really add anything to the story, but are just characters’ thoughts over their last error, I haven’t counted them as “Endings”.

Q: How do I unlock a certain ending?
A: Just check the “Endings List” to see all the requirements.

Q: Why the ALB-21 location list stops with Episode 08?
A: Because there aren’t ALB-21 injections to be found starting from Episode 09 – Hide and Seek. The total number of ALB-21 injections is of eight and they can be found from “Episode 01 – Can’t Let You Go Alone” to “Episode 08 – A Pendant for the End”

Q: How do I know which ALB-21 injections I have already got?
A: You have to check what color is the line right above the “Play the Episode” button. If it’s red, you haven’t grabbed the ALB-21 syringe, while if it’s green, you have already obtained it.

Q: I have already finished the game but got a Bad Ending. How can I get the Good Ending?
A: Just replay the chapter(s) where you’ve missed the injection and get it. Be aware you must complete the chapter(s) till the end and star episode 8 anew, otherwise it doesn’t really matter whether or not you’ve collected all the ALB-21 injections.

Q: I have seen the Good Ending, but I want to see also all the Bad Endings. How can I do this?
A: You can’t. Once you have acquired an ALB-21 injection, you have acquired it forever, making it impossible to trigger the second bad ending due to ALB-21 injections’ number. I know this is bullshit, but it can’t be helped. You can alternatively delete your game and all your save files, but I wouldn’t recommend it since you will lose all your progresses –and you probably will have to wait again for all the chapters to unlock.

 Endings List

Upon reaching chapter 8, once met certain requirements, you will unlock one of the four possible endings (there might be more, but these fours are the ones I’ve been able to see) plus a “secret” one.

Bad Ending #1

Though this one can be considered as simply a “Game Over” screen, I’ve inserted it here in the endings because it actually adds new information to the story and to the characters, unlike the other “Game Over Endings”. In short, it really feels like an ending. To unlock it all you have to do is to let Jae die due to time without getting the vaccine. I’m not sure about how much time is required, but as in my experience, staying immobile for a couple of minutes in the same room triggered it.

Bad Ending #2

Collect 2 or less ALB-21 injections throughout all the chapters and fight Kim Seo. It doesn’t really matter who you give the vaccine to.

Bad Ending #3

For this ending, it doesn’t really matter how many ALB-21 injections you will collect, you can collect all or none of them, the outcome will be the same. All you have to do is to get the vaccine and inject it to Sunny.

Good Ending #1

Collect 3 or more ALB-21 injections, get the vaccine and give it to Ji Hoon.

Secret Ending #1

Collect all the ALB-21 injections, get the vaccine and give it to Ji Hoon. It’s not any different from the Good Ending, but you unlock a bonus scene.

 ALB-21 Injections’ Location

  1. Introduction: there is no ALB-21 injection in here.
  2. Episode 01: once you’ve met Jae and Jina for the first time and solved their fight, go to “Geomun Island Port”. The ALB-21 injection lies in the middle of the dock.
  3. Episode 02: at the beginning to the scene, set down the fire to “The Village Head’s House” and enter it. You can find the ALB-21 injection in the vase in the middle of the room.
  4. Episode 03: once entered the cave and unlocked the steel door, the ALB-21 injection can be found by heading south once from “The Cave – The Gutter” and checking the rocks near the water puddle there.
  5. Episode 04: you can find the ALB-21 injection by heading from “White Island Intersection” to “White Island Dock” after you use the radio in the lighthouse. The ALB-21 injection is located in between the dock and the boat, floating on the sea.
  6. Episode 05: once you’ve set the fire down and been brought to the burnt house, use the “Umbrella” on the ceiling to get your ALB-21 injection. You should have no trouble seeing it right above the left window once you know it’s there. Be careful to not touch the broken bottle, or you will move on with the story, missing the ALB-21 injection located here.
  7. Episode 06: after unlocking the Research Lab, head to the burnt room and use “Umbrella” on the right fluorescent light on the ceiling to get your ALB-21 injection
  8. Episode 07: after reaching the Treatment Room and have discovered the secret safe in the cabinet, solve the puzzle and grab the ALB-21 injection inside. Oddly enough, this injection is the only one that is not hidden in the background, but is clearly visible by the player, and will always be inside the safe, no matter how many times you finish and play this episode again.
  9. Episode 08: once you have retried the “Queen” piece from the lighthouse, go back to house 1-1, use it on the chessboard located on the bottom shelf and grab the ALB-21 injection from inside the secret compartment

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