Episode 08 – A Pendant for the End


 Episode 08 – A Pendant for the End

White Island Walkthrough Notes
White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location
White Island Season 2 Episode Index
White Island Episode 08 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 08 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 08 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

  1. Go to “The Lighthouse
  2. Go to “The Backyard
  3. Go to “The Research Lab Lobby
  4. Go to “The archive room
  5. Go to “The Main Computer
  6. Go to “The Community Center
  7. Go back to “The Main Computer
  8. Go to “The Cave – Piles of Garbage
  9. Go to “Bales of Straw
  10. Go to “The Basement with Bales
  11. Go to “White Island Docks
  12. Enjoy White Island’s Ending, or at least, the first arc’s ending

 Easy Mode Guide

Note that this episode is time based, so be as fast as possible, unless you want to see a bad ending. Apparently, even Jae’s self-dialogues affect the timer, so if you plan to pause the game, be sure to be on the option screen

  1. Take “Pendant” again from Ji Hoon’s hand
  2. Head north, scroll all the way to the left, take the path next to house 1-3, go north twice and enter the lighthouse
  3. Take “Queen” from Jina’s hand and exit the lighthouse
  4. Head west, then south-west, go south and enter house 1-1
  5. Use “Queen” on the chessboard at the bottom shelf to reveal an hidden box and to get the last “ALB-21 Injection
  6. Exit this house, head to house 1-3 and take the backdoor
  7. Use “Crowbar” on the switch base and pull it to open the secret passage. You will get “Crowbar” back right after
  8. Upon entering the research lab, a scene will trigger. When it’s over, use “Pendant” on the hole in the middle of Fortune Seeker’s logo on the wall
  9. Use “Fountain Pen” on the printer and retrieve the “Barcode” it just printed
  10. Go east, use “Barcode” to go enter the northern door, head east, north again, use “Barcode” on the door to head west, then go north once more, use the “Barcode” on the door at your right, go through the melted iron bars and head east
  11. Here, examine the keypad in the middle of the closet and insert the code “0000
  12. Now that you have unlocked the closet, open the on the right and grab “CD” from inside it
  13. Go west twice, then south and use “Barcode” to head east
  14. Here, use “Screwdriver” to remove the computer case, insert “A Hard Disk” in it and use “CD” on the PC
  15. Click on the orange house (the community hall) to make it turning green and exit the program
  16. Go south, then east, enter the vent on the top-right, enter the secret passage in the closet, head north, climb down the window, take the path on your left and enter the burnt house at your left
  17. Click on the slightly opened panel on the ground to lift it, then click on it again to have a closed-up view and use “Microchip” on it to start a new puzzle (check Puzzle #1 Solution if you’re having troubles solving it)
  18. When you’ve solved it, exit the house, head south-west, south, enter house 1-3, use the “Crowbar” on the switch mechanism to open the secret passage again, climb down the stairs, go east, use the “Barcode” to head north, then go east again and north once more to reach again the computer room
  19. Use another time “CD” on the computer and turn once again the orange building into green
  20. Exit the computer program, head south, east, go through the vent, then once again through the secret passage in the office, go north, climb down the chain outside the window, go west, south-west, south, take the path west of house 1-1, enter the building on the left, reveal the secret passage on the ground, enter the cave, head north, west, north, climb up the chain, go east, north twice, east again and lastly south to finally reach your destination
  21. After the brief scene, take the secret passage inside the piles of garbage and examine the middle straw bale to find a hidden “Injection”. Take it and you will fall down
  22. Examine the bank vault in the back and use “Pendant” on it to get “Pendant Fragment
  23. Use “Pendant Fragment” on it to start another puzzle. As usual, you can check the puzzle solution below if you’re having troubles (Puzzle #2 Solution)
  24. Once you have solved it, enter the new passage and watch another scene
  25. Head south, west twice, south, use “Barcode” on the door at your right, go south again, then east, go through the vent, take the secret passage in the closet, head north, climb down the window another time, head west, go south-west, then south and take the path next to house 1-1 that leads to the docks.
  26. Use “Injection” on Ji Hoon and watch the end of this arc

 Puzzle Solving Guide

Though this isn’t exactly a puzzle, remember you have to be fast in this episode. In fact, the more time passes, the weaker Jae will get and, if too much time passes, he will die. Aside this, I am not sure about the logic behind these puzzles, as I’ve solved them by the classical trial and error method.

 Puzzle #1 Solution

The only thing I’ve understood about this puzzle is that when you get the right position of the pieces the small lights will become green. Though it probably follows the same logic behind episode three’s puzzle, I was too in a rush to figure it out. Anyway, the right order is shown in the screenshot below.


 Puzzle #2 Solution

Alike the first puzzle, when you get the right position of the circuits, the small lights become green. The right order is shown in the screenshot below.



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