Episode 07 – An Unpleasant Rendezvous


 Episode 07 – An Unpleasant Rendezvous

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White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location
White Island Season 2 Episode Index
White Island Episode 07 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 07 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 07 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

All the locations written in italic aren’t official name, but those I used to make it more clear where you have to go to move on, since in the game they are all named “The Cave”.

  1. Watch the opening scene
  2. Go to “The Clinic Lobby
  3. Enter “The Treatment Room
  4. Go to “The Cave – The Cliff
  5. Go to “The Cave – The Paint Thinner Container
  6. Go to “The Cave – Pile of Trash
  7. You can go to “The Flower Garden” for an additional scene
  8. Go to “Pile of Corpses
  9. Go to “The Cave – The Gutter
  10. Go to “The House on the Left
  11. Go to “White Island Intersection
  12. Go to “The Field Office
  13. Go to “The House on the Right
  14. Go to “The House on the Left
  15. Go to “White Island Intersection
  16. Go “Inside the Guest House
  17. Go back to “White Island Intersection
  18. Go to “The Lighthouse
  19. Go to “The Warehouse
  20. Go “Near the Community Center
  21. Go to “The Sinkhole
  22. Go to “White Island Dock” you open the path
  23. Enjoy this chapter ending

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. Watch the scene, talk with Sunny if you wish to, then head outside
  2. From there, go south-west to “The Sinkhole”, go south, scroll on left, take the path at the left of the 1-1 house then, from the “Construction Site”, enter the building on the left and watch the scene.
  3. Enter the door behind Sunny
  4. Use “Remoter Control” on the shelf
  5. Turn all the buttons white (Puzzle #1 Solution)
  6. Take the “ALB-21 Injection” located inside the safe
  7. Exit the room for another scene
  8. Check then interact with the iron plate on the ground, go down the stairs and watch the scene
  9. Go north, watch the scene, go north again, west, north, watch another scene, then go north twice.
  10. Use “Umbrella” on the containers to get “Paint Thinner
  11. Go back to “The Cave – The Cliff” (south twice) and climb up the chain
  12. Go east, north twice, east, south and watch the scene
  13. Use “Paint Thinner” on the barrel then take “Tape Cape
  14. Combine “Melted Tape” with “Tape Cape” to get “Recovered Tape
  15. From here, if you go north then twice west to reach “The Flower Garden”, you’ll see an additional scene
  16. Trace back your steps from “The Cave – Pile of Trash” to reach “The Cave – The Steel Door” (north, west, south twice) then enter the door at your right and watch the scene
  17. Go east again and watch another the scene
  18. Use “Wrench” on the drainpipe and enter it
  19. Watch the scene then talk with Sunny
  20. Interact with the sink to open the water
  21. Remove the 100 Won coin from the floor
  22. Remove the glass shards below the sink
  23. Grab the white shirt on the right of the screen
  24. Use “VisualShower T-Short” on Sunny and watch the scene
  25. Exit the room for another scene
  26. Scroll on the left and once again take the path on the left of the 1-1 house and enter the door at the north, next to the yellow crane, to watch yet another scene
  27. Take “Fountain Pen” from the corpse. You can also read the letter in his pocket for additional information.
  28. Exit the room, go south then enter the 1-3 house
  29. Look at the notepad behind the red phone and use “Fountain Pen” on it
  30. Exit the building and enter once again the 1-1 house
  31. Interact with the safe next to the fridge
  32. Use “Paint Thinner” then “Fountain Pen” on the locker
  33. Turn the locker until the first line shows 103 and the second one 8-6 (Puzzle #2 Solution)
  34. Take “Hard Disk” from second to last shelf and “Fuse” from the bottom one
  35. Exit the house and scroll on right, until you see the 1-2 house
  36. Use “Fuse” on the electric meter next to the door and enter the house from the window
  37. Use “Recovered Tape” on the TV and watch the scene
  38. Take “Microchip” from the tape then exit the house for another scene
  39. Go north west, then from “The Sinkhole” go north twice and enter the lighthouse
  40. Talk with Ji Hoon, select “O”, “Restore trust” then “Plead
  41. Click on the stairs and watch the scene
  42. Exit the lighthouse and enter the house on the right.
  43. Take “Handle”, “Pulley” and “Pulley Pillar” from the well
  44. Exit the warehouse and go to the left
  45. Use “Pulley Pillar” on the bottom left (where the game tells you “It’s a perfect place to set up something) to build a pulley.
  46. Note that “Pulley Pillar”, “Pulley” and “Handle” will be automatically removed from your inventory
  47. Go south-west, watch another scene then go back north
  48. Click on the pulley to get “Pulley Rope End” then go back south-west to “The Sinkhole
  49. Use “Pulley Rope End” on the rocks on the left, track back your steps once again to reach “Near the Community Center” and use the pulley
  50. Take the south-west path another time, go south, scroll on left, take the path leading to the harbor north-west the 1-1 house (the other one will lead you the “Constructor Site”) for another scene
  51. Take “Pendant” from Ji Hoon’s hand and the “Gun” lying next to him
  52. Enjoy the last scene of this chapter 7

 Puzzle Solving Guide

I’ve found the puzzles this time to be rather frustrating, not sure if it’s because it took me truly a lot of tries to find out the quickest way to solve them or if it’s because one of them is exactly the same as the one inserted in the previous episode. As usual, all the solutions are accompanied by a short explanation and a picture.

 Puzzle #1 Solution

A rather annoying puzzle. Whenever you push a button, that button and all those next to the one touched turn into their opposite color. I feel lucky it’s done “just” with two colors this time. Since it would be a bit complicated this time to explain it with words, follow the number order in the picture below and you should be fine.


 Puzzle #2 Solution

Similar to one of the enigmas of the previous episode, when clicked the numbers will turn around in group of fours, but this time both the sides will turn only anti-clockwise. To solve this puzzle, you have to turn the numbers until the first line shows 103 and the second one 8-6. Just to be safe, press only the numbers at the far right and the far left sides. To solve this enigma, you have to press, in order, left, left, right, right, left, left, left, right.




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