Episode 06 – The Time of Ghosts


 Episode 06 – The Time of Ghosts

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White Island Episode 06 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 06 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 06 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

Whenever necessary, I have renamed the locations with unofficial names in order to make it clearer where you have to go, since the game calls them all “The Research Lab”. Those names are written in italic, so be please be careful when navigating the map.

  1. Go to “The Closed Down School
  2. Go to “The Science Lab
  3. Go to “The House on the Right
  4. Go to “The Research Lab Lobby
  5. Go to “The Gym
  6. Go to “The Research Lab – Smoking Room
  7. Go to “The Main Computer
  8. Go to “The Research Lab – Re-enforced Glass
  9. Go to “The Research Lab – Sulfuric Acid
  10. Go to “The Main Computer
  11. Go to “The Research Lab – Fire Sensor
  12. Go to “The Main Computer” once again
  13. Go to “The Research Lab – Teddy bear
  14. Go to “The Research Lab – Sulfuric Acid
  15. Go to “The Research Lab – Iron Bars
  16. Go to “The Research Lab – Archives
  17. Go to “The Research Lab – Toy Wand
  18. Go to “The Research Lab – Office
  19. Go to “The Cave
  20. Go to “The Research Lab – Teddy bear
  21. Go to “The Basement
  22. Go to “The Warehouse
  23. Go to “Near the Community Center
  24. End of episode 06

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. Talk twice to the girl and hand her over “Chocolate Bar
  2. Talk to the girl again. Ask her about “Hunger”, then select “Detective Min Hyeok”, choose “Only Auntie” the next screen and lastly “Bad People
  3. You can pick up any option you wish to, especially if you are willing to see a few more lines and information, but the only way to move on with the conversation is to pick up the choices mentioned above
  4. Exit the room, watch the brief scene, exit the clinic, head south and take the path in between house 1-1 and house 1-3 to enter the school
  5. Use “Crowbar” on the door to remove the wooden planks and try to open the door, then talk to Sunny to acquire her
  6. Select “Sun” from your inventory and put her on Min Hyeok’s back, then push her up
  7. Enter the door and click on the switch on the right to turn the light on
  8. Take “Box Cutter” from the pencil stand and use it to untie the woman on the floor
  9. Use “Doctor’s Gown” on her to start a conversation
  10. Choose “Who tied you”, then “Parents” and lastly “Fortune Seeker
  11. Just like before, you can safely pick up any other option for a few more lines
  12. After you are being attacked by Kim Seo, press once again the light switch at your right
  13. You can experiment other ways, but they will all lead either to a “Game Over” screen or a “Try Again” dialogue
  14. Use “Box Cutter” on the curtain left of the window to get it
  15. Open the closet on the back and grab “T-shirt” from it
  16. Use “Curtain” on the metal pipe next to the closet and watch the scene. Jae will change his t-shirt
  17. Combine “T-shirt” with “Curtain” to get “Reinforced Curtain” and tie it once again to the metal pipe next the closet
  18. Once you have rescued Min Hyeok, click on the door and he will break through it
  19. After getting out the lab, exit the school and enter house 1-3
  20. Open the backdoor and get “Key” from the plant pot, then use it on the cage’s locker
  21. Use “Crowbar” in the switch base in front of the white mouse and pull it to discover a secret passage
  22. Click on the keypad for starting a puzzle. As always, you can check the solution below (Puzzle #1 Solution) if you have no clues about how to solve it, or simply want the solution straight away.
  23. Once the door is opened, climb down the stairs
  24. Take “A Map” and “Adhesive Tape” from the table and go east twice
  25. In the gym, grab “Cycling Part” from the exercise bike and “Handle” from the… whatever is that thing on the left below the security camera. No, seriously, I can’t figure out what gym equipment it’s supposed to be
  26. Exit the room, use “Wrench” on the gears above the door, then use “Cycling Parts” on it
  27. Use “Card” on the door and enter it
  28. Go left twice, grab “Lighter” from the table and exit the room
  29. This time, head north and grab “Empty Tape Recorder” on the right, then exit the room and go west
  30. Use “Lighter” on the vent at the top, then use “Wrench” to remove it and enter it
  31. Take “Alcohol Lamp” and “Empty Vial” from the desk on the right, grab the “Screwdriver” blocking the door, use “Card” on it and watch the scene
  32. Be careful to not touch the sulfuric acid in the sink, or you will get a Game Over screen
  33. Use the “Card” once again to enter the room, head west and try using “Lighter” on the sensor in the middle of the room
  34. After the scene, use once again “Lighter” on the fire sensor and take “H3PO4” from the sink
  35. Head east twice, back to the computer room, and grab “Handcuffs” from the floor
  36. Enter the door on your left once again, go north then west to reach a new room
  37. Use “Screwdriver” on the teddy bear to get “Battery”, then use “Box Cutter” on the piggy bank and get “10 Won Coins” from the bedside table
  38. Exit the room and head south, put the “10 Won Coins” in the sink and use “Empty Vial” on the sulfuric acid to get “Copper Sulfate
  39. Head north and use “Card” on the door on the right just to discover it’s blocked by iron bars
  40. Use “H3PO4” then “Copper Sulfate” on the iron bars to melt them, enter it and head east again
  41. Take “Recording Tape” from the bottom shelf and head north
  42. Use “Umbrella” on the right fluorescent light to get this episode’s “ALB-21 Injection
  43. Exit the room, head west and enter the door located at north
  44. Use “Screwdriver” on the pink toy wand on the bedside table to get “Wire
  45. Combine “Adhesive Tape” with “Wire” to get “Wire Attached with Tape”, then combine the latter with “Empty Tape Recorder” and finally insert “Battery” in it
  46. Put your “Recording Tape” into the newly acquired “Working Tape Recorder” and watch the scene
  47. After it, exit the room, go east and use “Working Tape Recorder” on the door to enter it. After the scene, you will receive “Remote Control
  48. Examine the bookshelf and, once you get a closer look, click on one of the white books. This will trigger a new puzzle, extremely similar to those already seen in the previous chapters (you can check Puzzle #2 Solution if you have troubles)
  49. Once you’ve solved it, enter the secret passage to reach the cave
  50. Check the lamp on the ground, then take and combine “Useless Lamp” with “Alcohol Lamp” to get “Lamp
  51. Head west and grab the “Explosive with no Wick” stuck in between the rocks
  52. Go back and click on the closed gate on the north for a scene, then go back to the office, head south and then east
  53. Try to open the drawer and Sunny will take the key to remove the cave’s locker
  54. Exit the room, use the working tape on the door at north, enter the secret passage and click on the gate. Sunny will use the key and you will get “Chain
  55. Open the gate and enter it. The game will lead you to “The Hallway”, where you can explore around a few objects, but you have to go back downstairs to the basement
  56. Use “Wrench” on the panel to remove it and click on it. Here we go for another puzzle (Puzzle #3 Solution)
  57. Take “String” and “Recording Tape” from inside the safe
  58. When the scene is over, combine “String” with “Explosive with no Wick” to get “Explosive
  59. Put “Explosive” on the rocks blocking the window, use “Lighter” to lit it up, go upstairs and wait for the explosion
  60. Go back to the basement, use “Handcuffs” on the iron bars, then use “Chain” on them and climb down
  61. Talk with Min Hyeok. He will once again break through a closed door. Once the warehouse is opened, enter it
  62. Inside, grab the shovel on your right to get “Shovel Handle” and take the “Pulley” on the left
  63. Combine “Shovel Handle” and “Pulley” to fix it, then use “Pulley” on the well to get “Pulley Rope End
  64. Exit the warehouse, use “Pulley Rope End” on the rocks on the left, then go back in the warehouse
  65. Use “Handle” on the well and turn it, head once again outside, try heading west, watch the scene, then go west for another scene
  66. Min Hyeok will hand you over a “Crowbar” right before the end of the episode

 Puzzle Solving Guide

I had contrast feelings towards this chapter’s puzzles. Though not being as frustrating as some puzzles appearing later in the game, the first one especially is made of a lot of trial and errors, which may result very annoying after a while. Still, nothing as bad as episode seven’s puzzles in my opinion… with the exception of the third puzzle.

 Puzzle #1 Solution

This time, the puzzle given has been made easier thanks to a few fact. In fact, whether or not you have paid attention to the sound you have heard when Kim Seo was going through the secret passage, you can listen to the melody as many times as you wish to, as long as you exit and click again to the keypad. Easily enough, you have to follow the same exact sound you have heard when Kim Seo was using the code. Plus, you can see blood stains left by him on the numeric pad that will help you finding the code, making life slightly easier. If you still can’t find the solution, or simply don’t want to think, the number to input is “801129

 Puzzle #2 Solution

Similarly to previous puzzles already done in the previous episodes, you have to make all the white books with Fortune Seeker’s logo on disappear. To do so, simply click clockwise or anti-clockwise all the four corners, then push the book in the middle and all the books will disappear. Check the picture below for a better comprehension.


 Puzzle #3 Solution

This time, the only clue you have is “ALICE”. If you examine the bookshelf in the hallway, a book will immediately draw Jae’s attention. The game itself will hint that Alice in Wonderland’s book is the key to find the password and, as you see the illustrations in it, you will notice the numbers in them… and Sunny will even say them out loud for you. As for the password itself, you have to put “352807” in the panel. The correct order to do so is to press, in this order, the button top, then top again, bottom, top, bottom twice and finally top. The screenshot below should clarify this better.



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