Episode 05 – Dark Malice


 Episode 05 – Dark Malice

White Island Walkthrough Notes
White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location
White Island Season 2 Episode Index
White Island Episode 05 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 05 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 05 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

  1. Go to “Near the Community Center
  2. Follow the game through a few locations
  3. When you regain control, head to “The Village Head’s House
  4. Go to “Path to the Lighthouse
  5. Go to “White Island Port
  6. Go to “The Village Head’s House
  7. Go to “Path to the Lighthouse
  8. Go to “White Island Port
  9. Go to “The Hallway
  10. Follow the game once again throughout a long cutscene and various locations
  11. Go to “The Closed Down School
  12. Go to “The Clinic Lobby
  13. Go to “Inside the Guest House
  14. Go to “The Backyard
  15. Go to “The Clinic Lobby
  16. Go to “The Treatment Room
  17. Enjoy episode 05 super short ending

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. You will get “Exercise Equipment”, “Note Pad”, “Sports Drink”, “Sprite” and “Lucky Coin” as soon as you begin this chapter
  2. Talk with Kim Seo and Jang on the background to get “Rod
  3. Use “Rod” on the sea to get “Parrot Fish”, then choose “Finishing Rod”. You will automatically hand over “Parrot Fish” to Ji Hoon
  4. Head west and give “Sports Drink” then “Note Pad” to Min Hyeok
  5. Read the newspaper next the bookshelf and Jina will throw at you a sneak- I mean, a “Chocolate Bar
  6. Get the “Insect Killer” from the bottom shelf and give it to Ji Hoon, then plug it in and take the two “Scrapped Newspaper Clipping” from the bulletin board on the right. You will exit the room automatically
  7. Show the first “Scrapped Newspaper Clipping” to Min Hyeok and enter the white house on the right
  8. Talk to Dae Han and choose first “Necessary” then “Lead” and show him the second “Scrapped Newspaper Clipping
  9. Exit the room and head north for a scene and grab the “Umbrella” on the ground. You will get “Map” after the scene
  10. Head west and then east to reach the dock and use “Umbrella” on the floating flag in the sea to get “Festival Flag
  11. Go back by taking the path at west, enter the white house again and who Dae Han the “Festival Flag”. A cutscene will occur
  12. Use “Festival Flag” on Jang in the background to help him set down the fire
  13. Head north, click on the sandbag pile on the bottom left to get one “Sandbag
  14. Go back and take path that goes east, to the port, and use “Sandbag” on the weight on the dock.
  15. Repeat passage 13 and 14 two more times to remove the weight and grab “Wrench
  16. Go west, enter the white house again and enter the room in the back.
  17. Open the panel on the wall (the one where water is leaking) and use “Wrench” on it when you get a closer view to the pipe and a puzzle will start (you can check Puzzle #1 Solution if you’re having troubles solving it)
  18. Once you’ve solved the puzzle and the scene is over, use “Umbrella” on the ceiling to get “ALB-21 Injection”, then check the broken bottle on the floor. The game will once again bring you to the next scene
  19. When Dae Han interrogates you, answer “Island Resident”, “Timeline” and lastly “Motive”. Once the scene is over, talk with everyone in the room
  20. Once you’re done, talk with Dae Han again. Choose “Cops”, “Detective Dae Han” and “Concealment”. You will be brought to the first choice again.
  21. This time select “Fishermen”, “Jang” and “Last time fishing”. You will have a flashback after. Talk with the fisherman in the middle of the dock and choose “Telephone” when you can and you will be brought back to present
  22. You can also start the interrogation by choosing “Fisherman” and only after choosing “Cops”, both ways work
  23. The interrogation goes on. Select “First Visit
  24. Once the conversation with Dae Han is over, talk with Min Hyeok and pick up “Tide” then “Interrupt
  25. When the scene is finished, talk with Min Hyeok again, choose “Woman”, then examine the photo laying on the ground. You will be brought outside after the cutscene
  26. Talk to Min Hyeok once more and choose “Door Panel”. You will get “Door
  27. Exit the burned house, take the path south-west and put the “Door” on the hole
  28. Go south and take the central path that leads to the school
  29. Grab “Doctor’s Gown” on the ground to automatically get a “Key” and exit the building
  30. Take the path west of house 1-1 and enter the clinic on your right
  31. Click on the bill on the blue closet’s side to get “Magnetic Memo Holder” and go outside
  32. Head south and examine 1-2 house’s window to get a closer look
  33. Use “Magnetic Memo Holder” on the spoon to remove it and enter the house
  34. Take the “Coarse Salt” pack next to the sink, open the closet below the TV and take another “Key
  35. Exit the room and use the “Key” you have just found on the fuse box next to 1-2 house’s door and grab “Fuse” from inside it, then head to house 1-3
  36. Use “Key” (the one with the 1-3 keychain) on it to open the door and enter
  37. Check the bookshelf to get “Card”, open the door on your left and enter it
  38. Use “Coarse Salt” on the snake, the use “Umbrella” to get the “Crowbar” from the cage
  39. Take once again the path west to house 1-1 and enter the clinic once again
  40. Open the panel above the blue closet and use “Fuse” on it
  41. Use “Card” on the locked door to enter the treatment room
  42. Examine the bed to find a person and to end episode 05

 Puzzle Solving Guide

Be careful because you have a time limit here too. I’m not sure about how much time exactly you have, but you can get an idea by simply looking around and checking how much smoke is there in the area.

 Puzzle #1 Solution

Nothing much to say over this puzzle, you just have to put all the pipe’s part in the correct order or that water will flow again. The picture below shows you the correct pieces’ order.



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