Episode 03 – The fangs of the Serpent


 Episode 03 – The fangs of the Serpent

White Island Walkthrough Notes
White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location
White Island Season 2 Episode Index
White Island Episode 03 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 03 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 03 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

  1. Go to “The House on the Right
  2. Follow the game through various locations
  3. Go to “The Treatment Room
  4. Go to “The Clinic Lobby
  5. Go to “The Cave
  6. Go to “The Cultivator Wreckage
  7. Go to “The Cave – The Scale Door
  8. Go to “The Cave – The Skull
  9. Go to “The Cave – Graffiti
  10. Go to “The Cave – The Cliff
  11. Go to “The Flower Garden
  12. Go to “The Cave – Slot3
  13. Go to “The Science Lab
  14. Go to “The Closed Down School
  15. Go to “The Field Office
  16. Go to “The Construction Site
  17. Go to “The Treatment Room
  18. Go to “Inside the Guest House
  19. Go to “The House on the Right
  20. Go to “The Sinkhole
  21. End of chapter 03

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. Use “Scissors” on the food sack hung on the house to get “Rope
  2. Scroll on the right until you see the streetlamp
  3. Use “Fire Extinguisher” on the wooden box at the bottom then take “Piece of wood” from the ground
  4. Scroll right again until you see the 1-1 written on the house and get “Wooden Stick” from the ground
  5. Combine “Wooden stick” first with “Piece of Wood” then with “Rope” to get “Long Stick
  6. Click on the 1-3 house’s door and use “Long Stick” on the nest to get “Screwdriver
  7. Use “Long Stick” or “Screwdriver” (apparently both work) to break the door’s glass
  8. Use “Screwdriver on the door’s knob and enter the house
  9. Pull the wire hanging up from the ceiling to turn on the light
  10. Take off the sheet from the pile of junk and watch the scene
  11. Take “Pendant” from the floor
  12. Use “Long Stick” to get “Snake”, then throw it over the wall
  13. Talk with Seo Hyun to get, well, “Seo Hyun” and be sure to do the six following steps as fast as possible, or Seo Hyun will die and you’ll get a Game Over ending
  14. Exit the house, scroll on left and take the path at the left of the 1-1 house
  15. Enter the building on your north-west and enter the opened door
  16. Put Seo Hyun on the bed, click on the bed again and grab “Stethoscope” from the floor
  17. Use “Stethoscope” on the closet to open it
  18. Check the closet to get “Hemostatic” and use it on Seo Hyun. She is now safe, so you can relax
  19. Check the trash can to get “Barcode” after a short scene
  20. Check the bin again for starting a puzzle (to solve it, you need to form the word “FORTUNE SEEKER” on the document)
  21. Exit the room and watch the scene
  22. Click on the floor to find a secret passage and enter the code #920801 (the one written in the destroyed document) and go downstairs
  23. As soon as you enter the cave, you will get “Cellphone
  24. Grab the right “Dragon Ornament” from the door and go south
  25. Pick up “Lever” and “Engine Disk” on the ground
  26. Head north twice and pick up “Weight Belt
  27. Use “Helmet” on the hook, then put inside it both “Engine Disk” and “Dragon Ornament
  28. Use “Lever” on the red hole and use it to open the door, then enter it
  29. Grab “Console 1” on the ground and put “Fire Extinguisher” under the door
  30. Head back to the previous room and take both the upper “Chain” and “Lever”, then go west again and north for another scene
  31. Once it’s over, head north, then east and take “Pitchfork” from the pile of dirt
  32. Head back to Seo Hyun (west, then south) and use “Pitchfork” on the cliff for another scene
  33. Use first “Weight Belt” then “Chain” on Seo Hyun and use once again “Pitchfork” on the cliff to climb it
  34. Check the rocks blocking the path to remove them and go east
  35. Pick up “Console 2” on the ground
  36. Click on the iron panel on the wall and use “Console 2” on it
  37. Head north, click once again on the iron panel on the wall and use “Console 1” on it
  38. Head north once again, then west and watch a scene
  39. Grab “Console 3” in between flowers, then use “Screwdriver” on the wooden planks to get “Wooden Fence
  40. Exit the flower garden, go south three times, check the iron plate on the wall and use “Console 3” on it
  41. You will be prompted to another puzzle (check Puzzle #1 Solution if you have troubles)
  42. Head north and enter the steel door on the right for another scene.
  43. After it, go east, then south and grab the “ALB-21 Injection” next to the rocks near the water puddle
  44. Go west and climb the rope hanging down in the middle of the room
  45. Once the scene is over, use “Scissors” on the rope to get “Piece of Cloth
  46. Combine “Wooden Fence” with “Piece of Cloth” to get “Triangle Bandage
  47. Give “Triangle Bandage” to detective Dae Han and exit the room
  48. A scene will occur where can pick the choice you prefer
  49. Use “Screwdriver” on the chair to get “Chair Base Board
  50. Exit the building, watch the scene, then pick up “Fisherman” and “Fuel Container” from the boat
  51. Head back, take the path next to house 1-1 (the on that leads to the construction site) and enter the small house on the background
  52. Grab “Hammer” and “Gas Pump” from inside the office and exit the room and combine them to get “Fuel Container and Pump
  53. Use “Scissors” on the blue cloth to get “Waterproof Cloth
  54. Use “Fuel Container and Pump” on the cultivator to get “Gasoline-filled Barrel” and use it on the crane on your right. You will get “Fuel Container and Pump” back
  55. Enter the crane and act on the control panel you see to remove the wooden planks blocking the clinic’s door
  56. Exit the crane, enter once again the clinic and enter the room on your left
  57. Put “Fisherman” on the bed and watch the scene
  58. Note that, unlucky Seo Hyun, it doesn’t matter how fast you will act in this part of the game, the outcome will always be the same
  59. Exit the room, use “Scissors” on the wooden blocks you see to cut the rope and take “Wooden Material” from the pile
  60. Use then “Hammer” on the blue drawer to open. After grabbed the “Nail Set” from it, exit the clinic
  61. Go south and enter house 1-2 from the window
  62. Use “Fuel Container and Pump” on the rusty panel on your left (the one next to the sink) to loosen the screws, then use “Screwdriver” to open it and grab the “Rusty Saw” inside. Exit the house
  63. Enter house 1-3 and use “Rusty Saw” on the bookshelf to get “Plank
  64. Right after getting it, you will automatically build a “Reinforced Plank”. “Nail Set” and “Plank” will be removed from your inventory
  65. Exit the house and take the path east of house 1-3, then use “Reinforced Plank” on the hole
  66. Head north and watch the end of chapter 03

 Puzzle Solving Guide

This time, no screenshots because I had almost no time in between the puzzle solved and the next scene. I apologize for this. To solve this puzzle, you have to turn green all the four red light. To do so, place the numbered microchips on the empty spots. The upper two spaces are the first “box”, while the bottom two are the second box. Once you have putted all fours, you will see the lights turning green, yellow or red. Green lights means you have putted a microchip in the right position, yellow lights mean you have putted a microchip in the right box, but in the wrong position, while red lights mean you have putted a microchip in the wrong box. Be aware that the lights don’t follow the spaces’ position. In other words, you can put in the last space the right microchip, but you will always see the first light turning green. And this ends the “logical explanation” to this puzzle.

 Puzzle #1 Solution

The right order is, from top to bottom and left to right, “3 1 2 4”, or, if you prefer, put “3 1” in the upper box and “2 4” in the lower one.


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