Episode 02 – Unexpected Flames


 Episode 02 – Unexpected Flames

White Island Walkthrough Notes
White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location
White Island Episode 02 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 02 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 02 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

  1. Go to “White Island Port
  2. Enter “The Village Head’s House
  3. Go to “Path to the Lighthouse
  4. Go back to “Village on Fire
  5. Go to “The Hallway
  6. Go to “The Basement
  7. Go back to “The Hallway”, then to “The Basement”, then again to “The Hallway
  8. Head to “White Island Intersection
  9. Exit “Inside the Unknown House
  10. Head back to “White Island Intersection
  11. End of chapter 02. Congrats!

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. Go right, select “Helmet” and click on the sea to get “Helmet with water in it”, then go back to the village.
  2. Select “Helmet with water in it”, use it on the fire on your right (right below the window) and enter the white house
  3. Take “Flame Extinguisher” from the floor and “ALB-21 Injection” from inside the white vase
  4. Enter the door on the background
  5. Take “Rubber Tape” from the table
  6. Exit the house then from the village head north
  7. Select “Fire Extinguisher” and use it to break the nail on the wall
  8. Grab “Fire Hose” on the ground and go back to the village
  9. Use “Fire Hose” on the fire hydrant to connect it
  10. Use “Rubber Tape” on the fire hose to fix it and watch the scene
  11. Take “Watch” from the ground and “Bottle of Glycerin” below the roof
  12. Answer “Me” to the first question, then “Rebuttal” and last “Request a Statement
  13. Depending on how many questions you got wrong, you will have to answer a fourth question. If you select “Mistake”, you will reset the questions cycle
  14. Depending on the answers given, you may end up getting a “Game Over” screen, so I suggest to not play around with the questions too much, unless you want to see this ending of course
  15. Show “Watch” and “Bottle of Glycerin” to detective Dae Han
  16. Talk to everyone in the room to gather more information
  17. Once you’re done, talk to detective “Dae Han” and select “enough
  18. Select first “Fisherman” then “Fishing Road” and last “Attack
  19. Apparently in this version it doesn’t really matter what are you choices, you won’t hit the “Game Over” screen
  20. Click on the detective bags on the desk on the left and select “Yeah
  21. Select the black phone on the back and watch the scene
  22. Talk again to detective Dae Han and select “Phone”, then “The Sea” and last “Pursuing the Prof(essor)”
  23. Once you regain control of your actions, enter the door in the back
  24. Click on the bookshelf in the back, watch the scene, then click again on the bookshelf
  25. Solve the bookshelf puzzle (Puzzle #1 Solution) and go down the stairs
  26. Examine the signboard on the back of the room
  27. Take “Key” and “Map” on the carton boxes on the right
  28. Detective Dae Han will take the “Map” from you right away
  29. Use “Scissors” on the white sheets on your right to get “Sheet
  30. Take “CuSO4” and “H3PO4” from the table on the left
  31. Use first “H3PO4” then “CuSO4” on the iron bars to melt them
  32. Use “Sheet” on the window and watch the scene
  33. Take “Flashlight” from the ground then go upstairs
  34. Use “Key” on the toolbox on the desk at your left to get “Paper Clip
  35. Go back downstairs, use “Paper Clip” on the socket and plug it
  36. Take the stairs once again and click in the middle of the door to reveal a red lever
  37. Use the red lever and exit the door
  38. Exit the white house, head south-west and then south to reach a new area
  39. Click twice on the window first to remove the protection then to open the glass and try to exit the house through it.
  40. Remove the clip from the window, exit the house and watch the scene
  41. Congrats! You’ve ended chapter 02

 Puzzle Solving Guide

Remember that if you stay too much time in the room once it’s filled will gas, you will die.

 Puzzle #1 Solution

Consider the bookshelf as if divided in nine squares. Whenever you press a “square”, all the adjacent “squares” and the one you’ve pressed will change “side” –or color, if you prefer. To complete this puzzle you have to change “side” of all the shelves. The fastest way to do this is to press once in any order all the four corners and then clicking in the middle of the bookshelf. The pic below will show you the one of the many possible ways.



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