Episode 01 – Can’t Let You Go Alone


 Episode 01 – Can’t Let You Go Alone

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White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Season 1 Endings Guide
White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location
White Island Episode 01 Minimal Guide
White Island Episode 01 Easy Mode Guide
White Island Episode 01 Puzzle Solving Guide

 Minimal Guide

  1. Watch the scene then reach the “Public Phone
  2. Go to “Geomun Island Port
  3. Go to “Geomun Island
  4. Go to “Ticket Booth
  5. Go to “Geomun Island
  6. Go back to “Geomun Island Port
  7. Once you reach White Island, head to “Near the Community Center
  8. You’ll be brought to “The Community Center
  9. Go back to “Near the Community Center
  10. Go to “The Vacant Lot
  11. Go to “Path to the Lighthouse
  12. Go to “Near the Community Center
  13. Sit back and enjoy the episode ending

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. Watch the scene then get “Stick” from the basin on your right
  2. Click on the phone on the right
  3. Get “100 Won” from the bottom right box
  4. Take the receiver then use “100 Won” on the phone
  5. Click once again on the public phone and acquire for the second time the “100 Won” coin.
  6. Go north to reach “Geomun Island Port”
  7. Talk to the fisherman and choose “Finishing
  8. You can ask both about “Ferry” and “Seo Hyun” for additional dialogues
  9. You can also go to north to visit “Ticket Booth” for additional dialogues
  10. Select “Stick” and give it to the fisherman to get “Dried Squid
  11. Go south back to the starting area
  12. Give the dog “Dried Squid” and get the “500 Won” coin from the bowl
  13. Go north again and use “500 Won” on the vending machine to get “Sprite
  14. Go north to the “Ticket Booth” and give “Sprite to the guy
  15. Watch the scene then get back to the “Ticket Booth
  16. Open the window frame and use the microphone
  17. Try to get on the boat, then talk the fisherman next to it
  18. Take the stairs back to “Geomun Island
  19. Talk with the two people on left
  20. Talk again with both Jae and Jina, then choose “Both are wrong” to get “Nail Cutter
  21. You can select both “Jae” and “Jina” for additional dialogues
  22. Select “Inconsiderate
  23. Like before, you can select “Bag”, “Nag” and “Attire” for additional lines
  24. Take the “ALB-21 Injection” from the dock
  25. Use “Nail Clippers” on the rope-like thing on the foreground to get “Rubber Band
  26. Go north once again and watch the scene
  27. Note that Jina will get back her “Nail Clippers”
  28. Talk to Seo Hyun sitting on the bench in the background
  29. Give “Rubber Band” to the fisher man on the dock
  30. Once you arrive to White Island, talk with the two fishermen on the background, Kin Seo and Jang
  31. Choose “Mistake” to get “Parrot Fish
  32. Give “Parrot Fish” to the fisherman who brought you to White Island
  33. Go west and watch the cutscene
  34. Talk with Min Hyeok and pick up any of the choices except “Ignoring”
  35. Note that by picking “Ignoring” nothing will happen and you will have to talk once again to Min Hyeok and choose another option
  36. Choose “Jina” in the next option screen.
  37. All the other options lead to additional lines, but nothing more.
  38. Take “Snacks” from the suitcase, then give them to Jina
  39. Scroll to the left and check the blue bag to get “Beverage
  40. Give “Beverage” to Jina to get back a “Coke
  41. Scroll once again to the left and check the bottom shelf to get “Insect Killer
  42. Scroll on the right, select the “Insect Killer” and put it on the top right corner of the room and turn it on
  43. Check the photo on the board
  44. Look on the shelves on the right and get “Matches
  45. Talk with Jina and choose “Consent” then “Give up”, then exit the room
  46. Pick up “Safety Helmet” on the left
  47. Check the bulletin board on the left and remove the middle shingle
  48. Go north, past Min Hyeok, then head to the flower field next the lighthouse
  49. Get “Rusty Scissors” from the ground
  50. Combine “Safety Helmet” with “Coke” to get “Helmet with Coke in it” (you don’t say) then combine it with “Rusty Scissors” to get “Scissors
  51. Use “Scissors” to cut off the vines on the right, then remove the rock to acquire “Photo Album” and watch the scene
  52. Check again inside the rocks to get a “Map” and examine it
  53. Head back to “Path to the Lighthouse”, take “Piece of a sign” on the ground and go left
  54. Check the bulletin board again, use first “Matches” then “Piece of a Sign” on it and solve the mini puzzle (Puzzle #1 Solution)
  55. Put the map over the board and enjoy the end of the chapter

 Puzzle Solving Guide

A very simple puzzle –not that I expected difficult riddles considering this is just the first episode. The image below show you the right pieces’ positioning. One thing to note is that the matches’ light runs out over time and, if you haven’t complete the puzzle by that moment, you will have to start from the beginning. Apparently, the matches are infinite so you don’t have to worry too much about the number of tries.

Puzzle #1 Solution

You shouldn’t have any trouble with this enigma, but if you’re having hard times in triggering the “solved” flag, try to put all the wood parts inside the board and try to correspond more or less all the pieces’ edges without overlapping them.


How the pieces should be putted on the signboard.


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