White Island Walkthrough


This is a spoiler-free guide based on version of the game (for the whole Season 1), so some things may differ if you’re using a different version. Be aware of this.

Due to the nature of White Island itself, this walkthrough will be updated over time, so if you find missing links, don’t worry: it simply means I still haven’t published that part yet.

This guide is still incomplete and will be updated at least once per week (depending if there will be requests for more frequent updates) until I reach Season 2. As of January 2017, the 16th, Season 2 is still ongoing, counting 4 episodes out plus 1 available in early access and with episode 6 near its beta releases.

 About the Walkthrough

The first section is called “Minimal Guide” and tells you the places you have to visit in order to proceed, but nothing more. Check this if you don’t want be guided step by step throughout the game and still want to experience and explore the game.

The second section, the “Easy Mode Guide”, tells you everything, from where you have to go to which items you have to click on. It’s something you just have to follow without thinking. The only thing left outside are the puzzles and the ALB-21 injections’ location because reasons.

The “Puzzle Solving Guide” section is, just as the name says, a guide for all the enigmas (if any) in the chapter. While some puzzles are ridiculously easy, others are insanely frustrating, so I thought an only riddle section would have been perfect for those stuck on a specific puzzle.

Last, but not least, the “Ending Guide”, a section dedicated to White Island Season 1’s endings, excluding the “game over” ones. It also contains a list of all the ALB-21 injections’ location. This part, due to its nature, is the only one containing spoilers.

Last updated: 10th June 2018

 Season 1 – A Flower Unto Death

Introduction – When you open your eyes
Episode 01 – Can’t Let You Go Alone
Episode 02 – Unexpected Flames
Episode 03 – The fangs of the Serpent
Episode 04 – Irreversible
Episode 05 – Dark Malice
Episode 06 – The Time of Ghosts
Episode 07 – An Unpleasant Rendezvous
Episode 08 – A Pendant for the End
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Season 1 Endings Guide
ALB-21 Injections Location

 Introduction – When you open your eyes

White Island Walkthrough Notes
White Island Season 1 Episode Index
White Island Introduction Minimal Guide
White Island Introduction Easy Mode Guide

 Minimal Guide

  1. Watch the scenes and follow game’s instructions. You don’t really need a where-to-go guide for the prologue, don’t you?
  2. Happy jumpscare~

 Easy Mode Guide

  1. Watch the scene
  2. Examine the door
  3. Examine the girl
  4. Try to open the door
  5. Get “Shovel Handle”, “Axe Head” and “T-Shirt” from the floor
  6. Try to use both “Axe Head” and “Shovel Handle” on the door
  7. Combine “Axe Head” with “Shovel Handle” to get “Makeshift Hand Axe
  8. Use “T-Shirt” on the door
  9. Use “Makeshift Hand Axe” to break the latch and exit
  10. Click on the paper on the ground to get “Checklist
  11. Try to enter any of the houses
  12. Enjoy the jumpscare and the end of the prologue

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