Ao Oni – Anime


Maybe you’re familiar with the game developed with RPG Maker published in 2012, but this time I won’t talk about it –but if you’re curious, I’ve played and liked it; which is the reason why I started watched this anime.

It all started when my friend linked to me a certain page, and on this page there was this anime. Since they were micro episodes (each one is about 3 minutes long, 2:30 if you don’t count the ending/opening) I started watching them with my friend. And my brain died.

It’s the definition of golden trash. It’s bad, because it is very bad, and if you’ve played the game you might have a sense of disgust while watching it. Yet, it’s so exasperated I ended up loving it. It’s just like when you eat potato chips or ice cream: your brain tells you to stop, but your heart tells you to go on, so you end up finish the whole package before realizing it.

Technically, it’s done quite well: the characters are drawn in a “moe” style and animations are clean, not too elaborated, but for sure effective. All the voice actors do a great job and the OSTs, though not many, fits well and do their job. The story… there isn’t, but the plot concept can be summarized as “A certain Ao Oni trying to kill in the most creative way certain people”.

And this is all. Special mention for episode 11, where there is the best domino effect I have ever seen in my life. And I’ve really wrote something about this anime. I can’t believe myself.


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