My Touhou Story – Part 1

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Hello and welcome to this random thing I decided to start when I *insert long explanation here*. But, first things first. Plus, since this will be a sort of diary about my experience with Touhou Games, try to read it with a light heart. Oh, and (late) happy new year!

I came in contact with Touhou through music. And by music, I mean arranges. Only after a few months I decided to try the games. And guess what? I started off with Touhou 12. Yes, with UFO. Since I’ve been playing games since when I was 8 or so, I picked the hard difficulty. I think it took me about 5 minutes and a few retries to find out how to shoot (and I started by pressing the Q key, so it really took me a while; thank you options with shoot key labeled as “button 1”), but in the end I was actually able to play.

So, after drinking a couple of glasses of water, changing difficulty to normal (I refuse to play games on anything below normal unless I need to do it to get trophies or unlock specific stuffs) and praying to all the existing Gods just to curse them all right after, I decided to go back to Touhou 11 and try it out. 3 minutes after I was on Touhou 6.

Touhou 6 was in fact the first Touhou game I played seriously. And by “seriously” I mean the one I was able to get until the end of the first two stages without finishing all my continues. Due to the title (come on, with a title like “Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil” I expected a plot developed around dark stuffs and humanity ill-will and this kind of things), though it turned out to be a game with bad drawn childish-like characters with an interesting concept which fight because… because… well, because, you see, they… no, seriously, I still have no idea. And yeah, I really think ZUN doesn’t draw well so shit storm me. Anyway.


Eyeball bullets.

I never played a bullet hell game before Touhou, so I was a complete virgin to this kind of gameplay, but since I thought it was fun and very challenging, I kept playing it. After a lot of tries, finally figuring out how to shoot bombs, realizing I could actually press shift to move slower, I finally reached stage 4. A stage 4 I remember because of those eye-bullets. Yes, the big eyeballs that fly around and kill you.

Well, the first time I saw them, I truly, honestly thought they were part of the background, so I never bothered dodging them. If I think back at it, I’m not even sure how I was able to survive until right before Patchouli without dying because of an eyeball hitting me. This said, you can imagine my face and reaction when there were I think 5 bullets in the whole screen, I saw an eyeball coming right at me and I simply stayed there because “it’s part of the background, I don’t have to worry!”, and the died. I felt so stupid. Like, a complete idiot. Really.

Thus why, after staring at my screen without doing nothing, trying to realize why the eyeball killed me, finally understanding I had actually to dodge them and that they were NOT part of the background… I shut everything down and went sleeping, feeling my soul a bit (just a bit) violated. A background can’t kill you! This is not “I Wanna Be The Guy”!

The next day I woke up, ready to beat this thing up. Let’s do this, eyeballs!

Achievements unlocked today
  • Your first bullet hell!
  • Starting with Touhou 12
  • Starting at hard mode
  • Starting without knowing how to shoot
  • Hell awaits you
  • Learning how to bomb after countless deaths
  • Wait… this isn’t a deep story!
  • Learning how to focus after 15 hours of playing
  • Bullets are not part of backgrounds!

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