Doujin Golden Era?

So… Comiket has started today, and what to do besides hoping? Turning the “Nostalgia” switch on.

The other day I was browsing my (doujin) music folder and started to listen once again those “old” CDs I don’t remember that well anymore. Aside from the nostalgic feeling blabla you’re just a stupid nostalgic blabla, I ended up noticing that almost all those songs were able to tell me something.

I know everybody is different and when searching for music, they seek something based on what they want to feel, but isn’t exactly this was makes everybody the same? We seek for music that makes us feel something. Something that sadly, at least in the doujin world, has been missed.

Of course there are exceptions and I’m the first one who keeps being super excited when a new Primary or ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY album comes out, but… compared to the past (and for past I mean around 5 years ago) there aren’t many good stuffs around.

If I think back at events like Comiket 80, or M3-25, I can mention hundreds, maybe even thousands of great albums, CDs that made me dream for a reason or another, but if I think at the past few years… I can probably tell you only about 20 or so great CDs.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, if I became more strict in term of music or simply I end up comparing everything with what for me is “the best”, but it’s like all the creativeness, all the freshness and all the feelings there were back there have been lost over time, as if people, in a world like the doujin world, prefer to stay safe rather than trying to experiment and make what suits them most.

Recently, while on one hand the sound quality has overall increased (meaning, cleaner voices, better instrument sounds and so on), on the other hand the music quality has gone down. What I felt back there so strongly, all the excitement, all the feelings out of the songs, now is just a mere shadow.

So, as things are now, for me the “golden era of doujin” is (sadly) already over. But, the true question is: will it ever come back? Maybe yes, maybe no, but only time will tell. As for now, I’ll just wait (and pray) for a good C91. Cheers.


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