C91 Anticipation Post


Disclaimer: today is the 20th, but I finished writing this post on the 19th, so there are some things missing –like, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s album, if there will be any. I expect a lot of artists to announce next week their C91’s works, but since the circles I usually follow have (for the majority at least) already announced their works, I’ve decided to publish this anticipation/preview/however you want to call it post today. Whenever possible, I’ve liked directly to the artists’ sites, but sometimes you will find links directly to Toranoana or Melonbooks. Sometimes there is just a link to the XFD or to the Twitter announcement.

Last thing: since this is an anticipation list or, in other words, a list of the works I’m looking forward to most, you won’t find a complete list of what will be published during Comiket 91. Also, due, to the already too long post, I had to made some choices –not all the CDs I’m awaiting for have a comment. Comments are made based on the XFD/preview/demo. This said, enjoy! And remember to use CTRL+F.

AIHISNA – エリザベス・パリス

It’s AIHISNA. It’s classic (?) gothic metal. And the album is named after Elizabeth Parris, Samuel Parris’ daughter. Which means, witch trials and Salem. That’s enough to make me looking forward something. The crossfade sounds great. I had this Rhapsody of Fire feeling for the first part of the CD, while I somehow had this Etrian Odyssey vibes while listening the second half of the XFD, and I just love it. The third and the eleventh track were a very nice surprise, since the first one can be described as orchestral, while the latter one is a piano composition. Overall this CD offers a very good variety of (gothic) metal and if you like instrumental tracks, as well as this genre, you definitely should take a look to it.

apt – NOTE -the succubus file02-

I’m a big fan of apt’s works. I’ve been following her since a few years and, though my favorite work by her is still Ethelred from Fantasica, I really like her way of color. Some concepts are amazing, like those in her RIMAINS’ artbook, and I really enjoyed the characters’ description in the first NOTE. This said, I’m looking forward this artbook~

BUTAOTOME – ぱらだいすろすと

BUTAOTOME brings 3 albums for this Comiket, but one is a best of, so I’m not really talking about the latter one –though I’ve added it because I felt like I should have inserted that one too. Anyway. As for me, “RAKUEN” and “未完の故” are the tracks I enjoyed most from the XFD, followed by “哀しそうで嬉しそうな物語”, and though I overall prefer their original songs, I’m still looking forward this album.

BUTAOTOME – 東方猫鍵盤13

Very interesting concept in my opinion, associating characters’ background and places origin to Nations. I enjoyed a lot the crossfade and the fact every track is character and location based is really evocative, it really feels like being in that Nation. I love the style fusion and I honestly hope the full album will be as good as the XFD.

BUTAOTOME – 豚BEST3 大盛りチャレンジ

It’s a best of, and since I’ve been followed BUTAOTOME since a lot, what can I say? If you missed BUTATOME’s works, this is a good chance to look into them, but if you’re a long-time fan, you should already know all the tracks in it, so all you might be able to enjoy is the track choice. Maybe.

Carbonic Acid – AneMo

Carbonic Acid is one of those bands I’ve kept following since when I discovered them (which, for me, means when they started doing original songs), but never really talked about them. Strangely enough, I’m awaiting for this CD, a full male vocal rock/metal album –and those who know me are aware that, though growls are fine to me, I usually don’t listen to male vocals. Can’t wait to listen to the full album since the XFD really sounds amazing.

CielArc – Everlasting

CielArc’s first album sounds good enough to give them a chance. Half of the album is not that great to me (they sound to me like generic Touhou arranges), but the other half is full of potential in my opinion. The bad thing is that the XFD is way too short to actually say something more detailed about the songs, so I can just say: I will wait and listen to the full album and then maybe also the tracks that sounded generic to me will gain extra points. Who knows. And “Everlasting” (the song) after the chorus sounds amazing.

CROW’SCLAW – 追憶のサクラメント

It’s Taka, and though to me the full song available for trial listening, “Dying Heart”, suffer a bit the syndrome of being repetitive, “Sacrament” and “Sacrifice” made me think “I want this album now”. And that’s all. Bonus point for reminding me of Foreground Eclipse’s “Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming” with his Lunate Elf’s arrange. It’s usual Taka with vocals, so if you like his genre, you definitely should check it out.

GET IN THE RING – Axelerator

I want this album. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve listened to GCHM, but I’ve loved this XFD. Like all the other GET IN THE RING album’s I’ve listened to, I have this incredible parody feeling, but since I love those kind of things, I’m ok with it. Kudos for making me love (and I mean it) a Be of good cheer! arrangement, since it’s my least favorite Touhou theme and I don’t like the 98% of the arrangements out there.

Hymn Above Traumatic Emotion – OMBRA

Well. I’ve been followed them since their Barrage Am Ring “Alternis Mundi” song (which is also in this album by the way), so I’m exciting for their first full album. I have nothing much to say, it’s a metal album with female vocals and screams, sounding pretty solid from the XFD, so well, I can’t wait~

IMINIC – RecipeRoomba -Final-

I was waiting this one a lot. Like, a super lot. If you’re familiar with Imizu’s works, you know that you’ll find quality art, quality jokes and quality combats all at the same time. I honestly can’t wait to see how Marisa&Co. will put an end to the vacuum cleaner fight –yeah, you’ve read it right. If you haven’t come in contact with this author yet, you should check him out, especially if you like detailed drawings and military weapons, without mentioning the happy feeling all his works leave~

Lilypha ~リリーファ~ – はじまり

Another 1st album in this list. This one is a soft-rock/pop/symphonic/piano/other genres original CD I can’t wait to listen to. Maybe it’s because it feels like there will be story behind it (and I love themed albums), or maybe is simply because it’s something new.

Nise Eikoku Shinshidan – Touhou Labyrinth 2 Plus Disk

Being a fan of Etrian Odyssey and having played both the first and second Touhou Labyrinth, I can say I am very excited to play the full version of Touhou no meikyuu’s plus disk. And I swear I’m not saying this just because you can clearly see Toyosatomimi no Miko’s and Shou Toramaru’s silhouette in the character section. I swear. For those who are interested into it, there is a trial version available on the developer’s website, but since I haven’t tried it yet, nor read the changelog, I can’t say how much is different from the original Touhou Labyrinth 2. Expect a more in-depth post regarding this in the near future.

Pizuya’s Cell – 交錯ディストーション

It’s Pizuya. I will probably will never see Grand Guignol 2, but somehow I’m still awaiting his new albums. Winding Road is my favorite track from the XFD, now I cross finger it’s not just the XFD effect which sometimes makes mediocre songs turning into epic songs. This said, it sounds like usual Pizuya’s Cell, no weird yet awesome music experiment even this time. I think I kind of miss when he was experimenting various genres, it was fun listening to what he made trying to figure out what genres he just mixed. Oh, by the way, Merami is back.

Primary – イノセンス/Depressing

Depressing sounds amazing to me, not sure if it’s the slow-paced tempo or just because I think it really catches the “depressing” atmosphere, but it sounds awesome. And it’s Yuiko and Meis Clauson, so I’m definitely looking forward this CD. Primary has already won my soul. Nothing else to say.

RD-Sounds – 伝

I’m not a huge fan of RD-Sounds/凋叶棕/diaoyezong/however you want to call him when it comes time to arrange Touhou themes. Usually I just end up liking one or two songs from his CDs, and this time is no different. Though I’m not exactly exciting over this album, I’m seriously excited for Kushi’s track. Someone I had the chance to talk with said it sounds “confused”, but for is simply marvelous. I always appreciate when a song’s tempo and style change so drastically in just a few seconds and Kushi’s voice fits so perfectly in my opinion. Aside from this, is usual RD-Sounds with Merami, once again, being essentially the album’s protagonist and some nayuta. If you’re a fan of RD-Sounds, I’m quite sure you’ll love this CD since it’s typical RD-Sounds, nothing more, nothing less.

Shinigiwa Satellite – DEAD AGAIN

It’s been a while since the last time I got truly excited for a Shinigiwa Satellite’s album. I really enjoy listen to them, but somehow I couldn’t get into the “I really want this CD” mode. This said, I have Merami and Sariel. I’m sold. …and speaking about the crossfade, I actually enjoyed it a lot. Is this the effect of Japanese lyrics? Anyway, the track I have enjoyed most is the fifth one, “思兼インジェクション”. Too bad “捻転プラネット” somehow turned out to be a bit generic right after the chorus, because I was fangirling it a lot. And now, while satisfied on one hand, on the other one I am thinking: will there be lyrics this time? I really hope so.

Spicy Tails – Project LUX

It’s a game coming out during Comiket 91, but it’s scheduled to come out also on Steam (and other platforms you might want to check) in 2017, and I’m somehow excited about it. If you don’t know who Spicy Tails are, they are the creator of “WORLD END ECONOMiCA” and this is probably why this game ended up in this list. Also, you don’t even have to worry about a localization, since SekaiProject is going to do the English one.


Nothing new here, but I’m still awaiting this one so much. The reason might be that all (or most of all) the tracks are remastered, so they sound slightly different from the original ones and well, I’m looking forward them. And more UC is always welcomed.

Unlucky Morpheus – Black Pentagram EP

I was hoping for a full album, but an EP is fine too. Besides, it’s Unlucky Morpheus, so if you know this circle you know what to expect. If you don’t know who they are, their genre can be summarized as metal with female vocals. I think I’ve never had the chance to say this, so I’ll just write it here: I’m so glad they started doing original music. Though I’ve been able to enjoy a lot their Touhou arranges (oh, that Sariel’s theme), I prefer them now. Can’t wait for to listen to the full EP.

でっかい剣が好き – 永遠神剣・第三章

Full title is でっかい剣が好き – 永遠神剣・第三章 悠久のユーフォリア 宿命の涙 Two Princesses -The Eternity Sword Original Song Collection 5-, and wow, long title is long, but since it’s always been like this with this circle, I can’t really complain. Anyway, I actually just want the full version of “鋼の理由”. “little bird” is quite catchy, but it’s not the track I fell in love with. This time in this CD (well, maybe I should write “DVD”) there are just those two songs plus their instrumental version and a drama track, so it’s actually a bit short –in my opinion at least.

紺碧studio – ANSWER//TALKER

I honestly want this CD. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve been excited for a band I actually don’t follow that much, so it’s a nice surprise to me. The songs intros and instrumental parts sound amazing and the vocalists are very good. Most the tracks caught  my attention due to the fact they are Touhou arrangements, but are able to express their own creative side, and this is something I love. So well, I’m looking forward it.

東方事変 – 限界パラドックス

Well, putting the spiritual successor of Sally on this list, for those who know me, may sound a bit strange, but I’ve listened to “夜あけの晩”, their MV from C91’s album, and I liked it a lot. Plus, when IZNA published their “Paranoia” preview on Twitter, while at the very beginning my reaction was like “No, please, not this again”, after a few seconds my jaw literally drops. I love, and I truly mean it, that composition, love the variety of styles and IZNA’s performance on that song. Now I’m honestly excited for this CD.

Circle List

5150 – saturations volume 2 [Site | Music | Touhou]
AIHISNA – エリザベス・パリス [Site | Music | Original]
AiKAGi – Torch & Star teller [Site | Music | Original]
Applice – ハピネスパレエド [Site | Music | Touhou]
apt – NOTE -the succubus file02- [Site | Illustrations | Original]
BUTAOTOME – ぱらだいすろすと [Site | Music | Touhou]
BUTAOTOME – 東方猫鍵盤13 [Site | Music | Touhou]
BUTAOTOME – 豚BEST3 大盛りチャレンジ [Site | Music | Touhou]
Carbonic Acid – AneMo [Site | Music | Original]
CielArc – Everlasting [Site | Music | Touhou]
CROW’SCLAW – 追憶のサクラメント [Site | Music | Touhou]
DHS – MY INTERPRETATIONS [Site | Music | Original]
Demetori – Lebenstrieb & Todestrieb [Site | Music | Touhou]
GET IN THE RING – Axelerator [Site | Music | Touhou]
Hymn Above Traumatic Emotion – OMBRA [Site | Music | Original]
IMINIC – RecipRoomba -Final- [Site | Manga | Touhou]
IRON ATTACK! – 凱 ~Power and glory~[Site | Music | Kancolle]
IRON ATTACK! – Perpetual Nightmare [Site | Music | Touhou]
Kanae Asaba – Happy Birthday!! [Site | Music | Original]
LILT RECORDS – Vestaria Saga I SOUNDTRACK [Site | Music | Original]
Lilypha ~リリーファ~ – はじまり [Site | Music | Original]
Liz Triangle – ヒミツパビリオン [Site | Music | Touhou]
MRML2 – MOtOLOID ROCK MUSIC LIVE!RALLY 2 [Site | Music | Original]
Nise Eikoku Shinshidan – Touhou Labyrinth 2 Plus Disk [Site | Game | Touhou]
No Gimmick No Life – Even a worm will turn. [Site | Music | Touhou]
Pizuya’s Cell – 交錯ディストーション [Site | Music | Touhou]
Pizuya’s Cell –アイロニー十八番茶 [Site | Music | Touhou]
Pratanallis – Dear White Fairies [Site | Music | Original]
Primary – イノセンス/Depressing [Site | Music | Original]
RASK – Re:LieF 〜親愛なるあなたへ〜 [Site | Music | Original]
RD-Sounds – 伝 [Site | Music | Touhou]
Shinigiwa Satellite – DEAD AGAIN [Site | Music | Touhou]
Silence Records × NIZI RINGO – Athenarium [Site | Music | Original]
Spicy Tails – Project LUX [Site | Game | Original]
Stersion – Bres [Site | Music | Touhou]
sound sepher –箱庭組曲オーバーチュア[Site | Music | Original]
Suspicion & Fear – To The Death [Site | Music | Touhou]
TatshMusicCircle – FAR EAST OF EAST -XIII- [Site | Music | Touhou]
Unlucky Morpheus – Black Pentagram EP [Site | Music | Original]
Yellow Squadron – Under The Crossroads [Site | Music | Kancolle]
でっかい剣が好き – 永遠神剣・第三章 [Site | Music | Original]
七幻シュトラーセ – DESTINY [Site | Music | Touhou]
七幻シュトラーセ – VISION  [Site | Music | Touhou]
天秤亭– 小さき姫は世界の影を見るか -TABLETALK ROLE PLAY IN TOHO 8- [Site | Music | Touhou]
埼玉最終兵器&Aether – Absolute awakening [Site | Music | Touhou]
紺碧studio – ANSWER//TALKER [Site | Music | Touhou]
東方事変– 限界パラドックス [Site | Music | Touhou]


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