Bullets and Candy Clouds – Re-opening

It’s been a lot. And I mean it literally.

Originally, this blog was planned to be a place where to rant about anything and everything. Sadly, due to my lack of time, but especially due to the lack of a true focus on this blog, it turned out to be nothing. Now, though I don’t magically have days made of 48 hours, I have set up my mind on what I want to do here.

In short, this blog will be doujin-related, a sort of “house of doujishi”, with reviews, impressions, thoughts, anticipations and other stuffs.

I’ve noticed that if I want to, for example, search for recommended doujin bands which falls under the category “any_music_genre_here”, I can either read random posts published on Doujin Style, or just stick with the most famous circles, whether or not I like their style. Ditto for anything besides music. Thus why, I decided to (re)open this site, creating this time a true focus, never losing sight of the reason why I write: doing something love.

With this, I end this post, with the hope to find, in a not so distant future, other people who want to share their passions with someone else.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you’re wondering why there is a Touhou category and not an “insert_name_here” category, the answer is pretty simply: Touhou has probably the largest number of derivate works out there, with a constantly increasing number in arrangements, games, manga and so on. I’m still pending if adding also a Kancolle category, but I probably won’t do it, not in the near future at least. Same goes for the Vocaloids, though I’m think about adding this category in the near future –read: a year or so; or sooner, if I will find someone willing to follow that section.


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