Kasen Quest Items


Once again, a quick guide for 幻想人形演舞, gensou ningyou enbu, also known as Touhou Puppet Dance Perfomance, by Focas Lens. Because we all need it. To activate this quest, simply talk to Kasen at her house and accept to help her.

+ Go to Giant Toad’s Pond (大蝦蟇の池) and talk with all the frogs. One of them will give you the items.
+ Go to Muenzuka (無縁塚), to where the Ayakashi is. You’ll find the item in front of it.
+ Go to Hakurei Shrine (博麗神社) and go behind the shrine itself. You’ll find the item in the well. Note that you possibly need to first defeat Shinmyoumaru inside Hakurei Shrine to be able to find it.
+ Go to Myouren Cave (命蓮寺裏墓地洞窟). The item is located on the way to the closed door. Warning: when you try to pick it up, Seiga will show up and battle you. Once you’ll defeat her, you’ll receive the item.


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