Record Breaker

Today, ATLUS USA published Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker’s Announcement video and, while reading comments, I realized people don’t know exactly what it is or better, what there will be new.

According to the Japanese announcement, the game will be entirely dubbed, an improved gameplay, a new character, Miyako Houtsuin, will make its appearance (character which was unrevealed in this video) and a new story. Yes, you’ve read it right. A new story. Considering not only the nature of Devil Survivor, but of the whole Shin Megami Tensei saga, it was pretty obvious since there’s a new character. It would have been pretty stupid adding a new character without making a new storyline within a game where every single choice makes the difference.

In short, even if there’s still a lot to learn about it despite its release being quite close (the Japan release date is the 29th January 2015 according to ATLUS’ site), this seems to not be a simple enhanced with a few more features, like it happened for Devil Survivor: Overclocked, but it looks more like a sequel.

Hopefully, this time we won’t see just a “porting” –you can disagree with me, but I honestly think about DS:OC just as a 3DS porting with a few additional stuffs. And, even if the design is not definitive, the one below is the cover of the new Record Breaker, where you can see the official Japanese name, “Break Record”, as well. Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Devil Survivor 2 Break Record JP cover

All the picture in this page are © by ATLUS.

Well then, until next time.



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