What does it mean “doujin”? Doujin (同人) is a Japanese term which refers to self-published work (manga, anime, music, novels, games and so on) and include within itself many sub-categories, such as “doujinshi”. Usually they are published by amateur and then sold during specific events (such as Comikets), but it’s not rare to see professional artist publishing doujin in addition to their regular works. Since for most they’re works made for fans by fans, along original works one can find any kind of derivate material from popular (and not) commercial games, manga, anime and so on, as well as derivate works from other doujin. One of the most known doujin circle is probably 07th Expansion, the creator of “higurashi no naku koro ni” and “umineko no naku koro ni”.

Since in this blog we will be talking a lot about the doujin world, a short (very short) explanation about what this term means was needed. Though, to fully understand the way too vast world of doujin, a couple of lines aren’t enough; hopefully they can still give a general idea about it.


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